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The Story of Us: How Ardent Vision Eyecare Began

They met (and fell in love) in Optometry School at the University of Waterloo. It was love at first sight (no pun intended)! Once they graduated in 2012, they started practicing and gaining valuable experience as optometrists in wide-ranging locations and settings in the Greater Toronto Area. Years of experience allowed them to gain clarity of how they want to practice optometry and treat everyone that comes under their care. And so, Ardent Vision Eyecare was born.

Fun fact: They have an adorable daughter named Arden, whose name means “to be passionate.” And yes, their practice is named after her because they passionately believe in treating everyone under their care just like family.


Our Commitment to You

Our Education Plan

Education is a big part of what we do at Ardent Vision Eyecare. As part of our ongoing commitment to our communities, Dr. Wan hosts a YouTube channel that provides regular free eye health videos. If you’ve ever had a question about your eyes, you’ll find the answer here!

Our Mission

To provide value and service that makes you ‘Smile With Your Eyes‘ .

Our Vision

To create a one-stop high-quality eye care and eyewear to the community.

Our Core Values

  • Passionate for people: see everyone as family.
  • Integrity: always choosing to do what’s right.
  • Quality: both in service & products.
  • Customer experience: provide service that leaves people smiling from their eyes.

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Our Address

16 Vogell Road, Unit E
Richmond Hill, ON L4B 3K4

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Hours Of Operations

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