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We Offer More Than Just Eye Exams

We believe regular comprehensive eye care is an integral part of maintaining one’s overall health. At Ardent Vision Eyecare, we provide early detection, diagnosis and treatment of eye diseases, laser eye surgery consultations, myopia control for children, and more. Read on to discover just a few of our many services!

Dry Eye Therapy

If you have constant itchy, burning, red eyes, it might be more than just seasonal allergies. Chronic dry eyes are a common problem, and relief is available. We’ll assess the cause of your dry eyes and recommend appropriate treatment and environmental or lifestyle changes tailored just for you.

Laser Eye Surgery Consultations

If you’re looking for a more permanent vision solution, laser eye surgery may be the way to go. We’ll assess your eyesight and discuss the pros, cons, and types of laser eye surgery available.

Perhaps most importantly, we’ll discuss expectations and possible outcomes for the surgery. You’ll be in great hands with us for your pre- and post-operative care.

Emergency Eye Care

If you sustain an injury to your eye or experience sudden vision loss, contact our office immediately. Abrupt changes to vision should be treated as a medical emergency.

Whether you’ve scratched your eye, feel something lodged in your eye, or splashed a chemical near the eyes, we can help.

Myopia Control

Myopia, also known as nearsightedness, is common and can be detected and managed in children if caught early.

We offer MiyoSmart eyeglass lenses, MiSight Daily contact lenses, and low-dose atropine eye drops, which have been proven to help reduce myopia progression.

Contact us today for your free myopia consultation.

Eye Disease Diagnosis & Management

Our office has invested in the latest technology to diagnose and treat a number of eye diseases. Whether you need to have your intraocular pressure checked for glaucoma or whether you’ve come down with a case of conjunctivitis, we’re here to help.

Please book your appointment today to discuss our specialty eye care services.

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